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Dogs for allergies…

We’d love a dog but my son has allergies. We’ve heard about a hypoallergenic cockapoo but can you tell us if one colour is better than another, do they need lots of grooming, and are they truly non shedding?

It’s great you are finding out about this mixed breed prior to buying one. As far as colour is concerned I don’t find one better than another, but solid black and blue roan hold the colour pigment longer and sometimes have a plusher coat. There are no guarantees with non-shedding dogs that they wo’’t aggravate allergies; it’s a good idea to spend time with a dog of this breed to check this before you commit. On the grooming front, these dogs require a commitment to daily grooming both at home and regular eight to 10 weekly appointments with your professional groomer.


Should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Yes! Dogs are living longer due to advances in veterinary medicine and better nutrition and exercise, and as a result we see more age-related conditions such as dental decay. Ideally you would brush your dog’s teeth as you would do your own, but that’s not always practical. One answer is to look at chew sticks which create friction when chewing, thus removing debris from the tooth. If there is decay, a dental de-scale, polish and extractions maybe required which would be performed under anaesthetic by a veterinary surgeon. Prevention is better cure and groomers offer ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, which can be done weekly or during a routine groom.


Amy Stewart of Happy Tails Dog Spa has a BSc in Animal Behaviour and is a certified pet health counsellor. Send your questions for Amy to info@whatswhatmagazine.co.uk


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