Strong in the arm…? 

A county brewery is on the hunt for the lad and lass who best represent Shropshire. Wood’s Brewery, famed for their Shropshire Lad and Shropshire Lass ales, are asking competitors to take a challenge at local events or post a video of themselves explaining why they fit the bill – and there are £5,000 worth of prizes at stake! 

Stephen O’Neil of the Craven Arms-based brewery said the quest aimed to find the lad and lass who stood apart from all other Salopians: “Our perfect Shropshire Lad and Lass will understand the heritage of the region and the industry which is part of the county’s history. They’ll know all about their local food and drink and be able to show true community spirit and friendliness and have a genuine love and respect for the great outdoors, for which Shropshire is so famous. And they’ll have the personality and wit which makes the people from this county so special.” 

You can try for the title at the Ludlow Food Festival from Friday 7 to 9 September or Shropshire Oktoberfest on Saturday 6 October or visit Wood’s Facebook page and post a video there. 

  • Published on 23rd August 2018

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