Castlefields’ Gambia link

A Bridgnorth primary school has developed a partnership with a school around 4,000 miles away. Castlefields’ head, Jackie Hampson, travelled to the school in the Gambia over during half term to take pencils, develop a reading scheme – and donate a set of strips from the Spartans football team.

Jackie says, “Castlefields children are excited about writing to establish a link at their Global Partner school, Mandinari Lower Basic School. They had a few joint projects last year, from children tidying up school ‘Set Setal Style’ to sharing recipes and cooking ideas. ‘Set Setal’ means ‘clean up then clean again’. Last term, pupils brought in gifts of pencils for the children in different Gambian schools. They’re also raising money for more reading scheme booklets.”

Kelly Woodcock of Spartans adds, “While we’re the largest provider of football in South Shropshire, we’re reliant on volunteers to run our club and sponsorship from our community. Nonetheless there’s always scope to help others; by donating previous seasons’ kit, we’re extending our support to the global community.”

Head Jackie Hampson and Castlefields pupils prepare for the Gambia trip

  • Published on 17th February 2019

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