Happy Tails for Nov & Dec

Does my dog need a raincoat?

Some breeds benefit from wearing a coat which protects them from the elements as the weather gets wetter and colder. Make sure your pet enjoys wearing the coat, and don’t force them into it if they keep attempting the remove the coat with paws or teeth. Try to get one that covers the chest and some of the tummy area, as this will keep your dog cleaner. Ensure your pet’s coat is fitted correctly, and be sure to brush your dog when you remove it to reduce the chances of static and knots and keep your pet neat and clean during the wet autumn and winter months.

What should I get my pet as a Christmas gift?

The pet industry has exploded over the last 10 years, so you can literally buy almost anything – including a camera that allows you to watch your pet on your smartphone and dispenses treats in your absence; a snuggly bed printed with your pet’s face; or a personalised hamper of dog or cat treats! I generally like to purchase toys which make my dog think, such as puzzles, whereby he gains a treat when he moves parts of the puzzle.

Amy Stewart of Happy Tails Dog Spa has a BSc in Animal Behaviour and is a certified pet health counsellor.

  • Published on 19th October 2018

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